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"Welcome to Las Vegas, The Essential Guide" is designed to guide you through an adventurous stay in fabulous Las Vegas. Instead of aimlessly wandering through the hotels or spending the night in an exhausting trudge through the masses of Las Vegas Blvd, enjoy a few of the venues mentioned here. Now you can return home relaxed and satisfied, money well spent, so to speak.

This content is not designed for gamblers, but for the people that accompany them. Learn how to navigate your way around this town and its offerings. At your fingertips are suggestions on how to spend your vacation without wasting time or money learning the basics.

This concise guide is designed to point out the many out-of-the-ordinary but primarily on-the-Strip adventures available at the lowest possible cost. No connection to any hotel, casino, gallery, or restaurant exists to slant the reader towards one path or the other.

With the advance information in this book you can plan your excursions in Las Vegas with minimum effort on your part. Learn about interesting things to do, how to get around town, and how to do it economically.


Have fun,

...Margo Armstrong